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Roast Chicken Trinity Cafe
Ribs Trinity cafe
Lasagna Trinity Cafe
Tinity cafe Double Thick Milkshakes Smoothies
Trinity Cafe Muffins Cuppuchino hot chocolate
Trinity cafe Farm house breakfast best Breakfast omelettes
Trinity Cafe Chicken Baskets Snacks Schwarmas Sub rolls
Trinity Cafe Best Chicken prego lemon herb better than Nandos  Ribs lasange Italian
Trinitycafe Best Burgers Dagwood Tramezzinis
Trinity Cafe Chicken super hotdogs
toasty sandwitches wraps Trinity cafe
Trinity Cafe Confectionary
Trinity Cafe Confectionary 2 milktart

Some More Amazing meals for the family

Please note 24Hrs required

Trinity Cafe Best Lasagne in town
Trinity Large Bobotjie
Beef Curry & Rice Trinity Cafe
Large Curry & Rice Trinity Cafe

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